What is the GenderAid?

The GenderAid is a decision aid for genital gender surgery. Here, in addition to supplying reliable and applicable information, safeguarding the interests of the individual is regarded as a priority. The GenderAid has been developed for, and by, the transgender population.
The GenderAid can be divided into two websites; treatment options for the feminizing (demasculinizing) genital surgery, or treatment options for masculinizing (defeminizing) genital surgery. This means that the GenderAid has been developed for trans men, trans women, but also for anyone else who wants to learn more about genital gender surgery. Whether you yourself identify as transgender, AFAB, AMAB, non-binary, genderfluid, genderqueer, or still figuring things out, as well as family or friends, everyone is welcome here!
The goal of the GenderAid is to provide a complete overview of the treatment options within the genital gender care trajectory all in one place. For the past 5 years, we have been engaging with members of the transgender community to identify the needs of the population. We then incorporated the feedback as completely as possible into the GenderAid.
The GenderAid focuses on the Dutch health care system, where the care adheres to the guidelines established by the WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health). The GenderAid covers genital gender care nationwide. The GenderAid is NOT affiliated with one specific care center. All medical information adheres to the quality and care requirements of the WPATH, but was collected directly from the community.
We feel it is tremendously important to work together to ensure that the GenderAid remains current. The website will continuously be updated based on developments within the social and medical world of genital gender surgery. We hope to be able to maintain this together with you!

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The GenderAid

What is the GenderAid and how can I use it? The video down below explains it.

Who is Team GenderAid?

Team GenderAid is everyone who has contributed to the development of the GenderAid. Team GenderAid now consists of about 600 members and is continuously growing. The biggest and most important part of this team is you, the people who were willing to share your experience and expertise. After all, living with something is not comparable to reading about it!
The team of researchers works from the Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc. Moreover, the GenderAid is actively offered in the care pathway of the Amsterdam UMC.
However, the content of the GenderAid is derived from the needs of the entire transgender community. The GenderAid safeguards the interests of gender care throughout the Netherlands, but also beyond. The GenderAid team includes care providers and transgender individuals who have chosen to seek care in various centers in the Netherlands, or even abroad. This way, the GenderAid is accessible to everyone.
Team GenderAid also consists of a multidisciplinary research team. This means that doctors and researchers from different specialties worked together to realize the GenderAid. For all involved, one goal is central: improving the quality of care, for and by the transgender population.
In order to achieve this goal, cooperation between Team GenderAid and members of the transgender community is extremely important. Through research, the community has been involved in every step of the development process.
Would you also like to become part of Team GenderAid ? Or are you curious about the research behind the GenderAid? Then take a look at our research website.
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