Decision Aid for Masculinizing Treatment Options

Here, you will find all the information about the transition process within genital surgery and you can use the interactive choice compass to see which treatment option best suits your needs!
The GenderAid consists of 3 steps: (1) information, (2) Comparator, and (3) Choice compass. We recommend that you go through the steps in order. Click on 'start' to start at the information.

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Step 1: Information

On this page, you will find an overview of the information on masculinizing and defeminizing genital surgery

Step 2: Compare

The comparator provides arguments for and against each treatment option in the words of peers

Step 3: Choice Compass

Here, you can indicate which characteristics are important to you and see which treatment option best matches your preferences

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The GenderAid

What is the GenderAid and how can I use it? The video down below explains it.

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GenderAid: De Keuzehulp voor Genitale Genderchirurgie

Research GenderAid Keuzehulp

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