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Undergoing genital surgery can be a profound event. It can therefore be nice to discuss your doubts, questions and choices with people who are going through the same thing. On this page you will find information about initiatives and organizations that can support you in this process.

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Supportive initiatives

There are several organisations and initiatives that offer support before, during, or after a genital operation, such as:
  • Transvisie: This is a patient organisation dedicated to supporting all people and those around them with questions about gender identity.
  • Trans-United: Trans-United is een platform bedoeld voor transgenders met een bi-culturele achtergrond.
  • Transgendernetwerk: TTransgendernetwerk Nederland shares information and news about the interests of transgender persons and their close relationships. This website also provides links to ‘Transgender info’ and ‘Trans in beeld’, where additional information is provided about the community as well as a link to the media.
  • Natuurlijke haarwerken: one of many companies offering custom hair and makeup advice, from natural to extravagant.
  • De Trut: This is a non-commercial queer nightclub whose profits all are donated to LGBTQI+ projects.
  • Transmissie: This company sells corrective underwear and prosthetics for those who wish to dress more in line with their perceived gender.

Overview initiatives

On the map of Transvisie, you can find an overview of all initiatives and organisations for transgender people in the Netherlands

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Are you still in doubt about whether or not to have genital surgery, or are you on the waiting list? In the meantime, you can take certain steps towards your transition.

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